Finding the right partner for your construction project can be challenging. We are here to take that burden off your shoulders.


Génard & Associates is a DBE, SBE, WBE, certified consulting firm based in South Florida specializing in:


- Land Use Study
- Community Development
- Post-Disaster Safety & Recovery
- Economy Development Study


- Development Review Assistance
- Pre-Construction
- Environmental
- Construction

Development Packages

- Zoning
- Platting Development Packages
- Historic Preservation Applications
- Land Use Applications

Project Management

- Construction Coordination
- Regulatory Reporting
- Document Control
- Contract Administration
- Bidding & Negotiation


We can deliver your vision

Founded in 2013, Génard & Associates is a DBE, SBE, WBE, certified consulting firm based in South Florida. We excel at high-end single family, luxury, commercial, multi-residential, as well as mixed-use projects. The work we do often has a major impact on maintaining the development budget. We also understand the significance of proper entitlement obligations. We spot potential problems and fix them, so that proper funds may be allocated and funding phases may be better structured. That’s the G&A difference.

Jackie Genard spent 20 of her 25 years of experience working for different municipalities and government entities reviewing projects to meet specific government Codes of Ordinance. As such, she can look at any project from the point of a reviewer, giving you, the client, the advantage of meeting certain requirements prior to submitting your project for review. Therefore, cutting down your review time considerably.